I want to thank the staff and the doctors at A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center for such wonderful and outstanding work.  My visits here have uplifted me mentally and made me physically stronger than before.  I’ve dealt with stiffness, neck pain and shoulder pain for many years.  In the beginning of 2009, the pain became very intense. I did not want to take medications nor did I want to continue having extreme discomfort; therefore, I needed some form of treatment.  The experience of seeing a chiropractor has been so rewarding; the treatments have made a tremendous difference in my life.  I noticed a difference after only a couple of visits.  I feel a lot better, I’m able to rest at night and I’m more energetic.  I am so thankful to God for allowing me to find out about your office.  I hope that you will continue the wonderful work that you do; I know there are many others, like me, that need your support. Thank you and God Bless.

Pearline W.

I’ve been dealing with neck, back and shoulder pain for quite some time now.  A friend recommended for me to visit A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center .  Before receiving treatment at A Healing Touch, I was being treated at a neurology center for pain for a number of years .  A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center rendered excellent service and successfully identified the source of my pain. I was embraced with sensitivity by the staff, given modern therapy and outstanding adjustments for my treatment.  Because of my recovery, I can now say that I believe in the practice of chiropractic 100%.

Kalim A.

As early as my middle teen years, I experienced neck and back pain for many years.  I wasn’t able to enjoy everyday activities or even sleep as one would without pain.  After seeking some answers, I was told by two different medical doctors that I had a curve in my spine.  My normal life had been plagued by these problems for too long, so I decided to seek someone and something new.  On November 5, 2007, I became a patient at A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center .  I was placed on a treatment plan of 22 office visits.  After 3 weeks of adjustments and therapies, I was able to feel a difference in my body.  My neck and especially my back begin to improve.  With the treatments I received at your office, I have noticed a change in my posture; it began to improve as well.  With less pain and a better posture, I found myself feeling good about how I looked! I’m not even as tired anymore.  When you feel better, you have self-esteem which resulted with me performing with a positive attitude!

Glendell P.

On April 22, 2009 I was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection; and immediately I loss feeling on the right side of my body.  After being seen at the hospital, I still experienced a constant pain in my lower back.  I had to sleep with pillows under my lower back; couldn’t walk a long distance or sit for long periods of time.   I wasn’t able to do anything that required bending at the waist, so I sought chiropractic care.  I was referred to Fields Chiropractic. The treatment there relieved some of my pain but not enough for me to return to my daily activities.  Fields Chiropractic released me after 6 weeks of care.  The pain was relentless.  My mother heard about A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center and recommended that I call to make an appointment!  As a patient there, I saw Dr. Goings and Dr. Robinson.  I received adjustments, therapies and massages that eased my lower back pain but did not completely stop it.  Dr. Goings then recommended me to get a MRI that revealed disk damage from the car accident which was causing the extreme lower back pain.  Dr. Goings recommended Decompression which they have on site.  On August 31, I had my first session of Decompression therapy and immediately after, the pain in my lower back decreased so much that later that evening I was able to help my child out of the bathtub (something I was able to do before the accident but not able to do since the accident).  Since the accident, I was not able to bend due to extreme lower back pain.  Now I’m bending and the pain has decreased tremendously.  I’m excited about the progress that I’ve achieved at A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center and I am looking forward to a full recovery with Dr. Goings and Dr. Robinson.  Thank you greatly A Healing Touch .  You guys are awesome!

Leverne W.

I’m 59 years old and I have had severe back problems several years.  This problem had been occurring for about a month before I decided to seek the help of a chiropractor after being referred by my medical doctor.  I found A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center , where I met Dr. Goings, Dr. Robinson, Charity, Kaleena and Latisha. A Healing Touch has a great staff and they were extremely helpful and very kind.  I was uplifted at every scheduled appointment.  This was a very good experience for me.  I feel better; I’m walking better; and I’m working without pain. A Healing Touch staff has encouraged me to continue to do better!  I would recommend any person with back pain to visit A Healing Touch Chiropractic Center . Thanks.

Ralph H.